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4/22: Dermatology Webinar - "See You Later Alligator - How Novel Nutrition Can Aid Your Allergic Patients"

Listen to his recording here. Password: 4l%*W*83

5/6: Dermatology Webinar - The Pruritic Cat-differential diagnoses and treatment of atopy

Listen to this recording here. Password: 5O=e5pJ# 

5/13: Behavior Webinar: Separation anxiety: dealing with COVID fallout in dogs who fear being alone

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5/20: Behavior Webinar - Feline House soiling: cats that think outside of the box

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5/27: Dermatology Webinar - What’s your diagnosis? Challenging BUT not uncommon derm issues that shouldn’t be missed.

Listen to the recording here. Passcode: 5q=S4Lr$ 

6/3: Behavior Webinar - "I love fireworks" said no dog ever. How to help those with noise phobias

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