Non-profit organization seeks very part-time veterinarians for wellness clinics. Clinics serve members of a program for low-income families designed to keep pets happy, healthy, and in their homes. Prior experience in shelter medicine, working with underserved communities with a practical medicine approach, strongly desired. Ideally candidates are available 1-3 times per month on Friday (11am-2pm), or Saturday(2:30pm-5:30pm) afternoons. Compensation $25-$50 an hour based on commitment/availability. Complete job description below. All inquiries please send an email to

Client Care
● Greet clients in a professional and friendly manner
● Review pet’s history
● Determine client’s concerns (lumps, bumps, weight etc)
● Review requested services
● Answer client’s questions using plain, understandable language
● Counsel clients in an inclusive, tolerant, accepting manner
Wellness Exam
● Perform a through wellness exam
● Discuss findings and recommendations with client, and document on exam form
● Administer requested vaccines
● Document vaccines on exam form
● Scan all pets; insert if requested
● Document microchip on exam form
Eye/Ear/Skin Care
● Clean eyes, ears, and/or skin when appropriate
● Treat eyes, ears, and/or skin when appropriate
Nail Care
● When medically necessary, assist vet techs as needed with nail trims

● State of Ohio veterinary license required
● Recent experience in shelter medicine or a low-cost clinic setting is strongly preferred
● Awareness of pet retention programs including Pets For Life is helpful
● Strong desire to empower clients to be great pet owners
● Strong ability to communicate with clients in an inclusive, tolerant, accepting manner, using easily understandable language
● Strong ability and desire to help clients feel comfortable conversing about their pet’s health regardless of their knowledge level
● Ability to think outside the box to offer clients affordable solutions to common problems when appropriate
● Must be comfortable working with all breeds and sizes of dogs, cats and with restraint
● Interest in low-stress, fear-free handling preferred
● Strong desire to engage in work that creates personal fulfillment and purpose
● A positive, open-minded, friendly attitude accompanied by a good sense of humor is necessary
● Must be able to work as part of a team and pitch in where needed to ensure smooth flow
● Flexibility with scheduling is required; must be available some Fridays (11am-2pm), and/or Saturdays (2:30p-5:30p)
Working conditions
● Wellness clinics are held 4-5 days per month (always on Fridays, or Saturdays) for approximately
2-3 hours at a time and function on an appointment basis
● Appointments are scheduled in 10 minute intervals, but sometimes run over
● Extra precautions are being taken for COVID-19- all team members/clients are required to wear
masks, clinic appointments are now curbside, frequent hand washing and surface cleaning enforced, clients are encouraged to pay with credit card if possible
● Wellness clinic services include exams, vaccines, microchipping, flea prevention, dewormer, basic
ear/eye treatment, and nail trims as needed
● Counseling on a variety of topics including nutrition, behavior, spay/neuter, flea and parasite prevention, ear/eye/skin care, and dental care is common
● Wellness clinics are held in high need, urban settings
● Work is performed in a non-traditional setting; e.g. not in a vet hospital/clinic
● Work is generally performed indoors, but outdoor work may be required under special
● Staff and volunteers rotate their shifts, therefore you may work with different team members at each clinic
● Each clinic is staffed with 1-2 vet techs and 3-4 administrative staff/volunteers
● Whenever possible low-stress, fear-free techniques are used
● Dogs are often undersocialized and many are seeing a vet for the first time; some pets are
extremely fearful
● Dogs and cats often have unknown vaccine history and are not spayed/neutered
● Many clients are fearful of spay/neuter and need to develop trust before expressing interest

Physical requirements
● Stand for extended periods of time
● Perform repetitive tasks with extremely limited breaks
● Assist with animal restraint as needed

Direct reports
Incumbent will lightly supervise the vet techs in a very informal manner

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