After 40 years of practice the owner is retiring. The Hospital has a 48,000 Sq Ft area with 10-12 parking places on the front and side of the building. The hospital is located on the main street with heavy traffic. Due to age, the owner has reduced his hours and does not take emergencies any longer.

Despite that loss of income, the hospital practice is still grossing $300k.
The practice is well equipped for Dogs and Cats with separate exam rooms. This includes a lift table with scale in the dog exam room. The cat exam room has an exam table and a scale. All the exam tables are stainless steel. The practice is fully computerized with Impromed software. The hospital has a separate X-ray room with a 300 MA Summit x ray with automatic processor that is adjacent to the surgical suite.

The hospital has a separate dentistry room across from the laboratory room which is equipped with Idexx equipment for hematology and chemistry. For boarding, there are separate dog and cat rooms with a fenced yard on the side of the building for exercise of the dogs. On the second floor is the owner’s office, with filing cabinets and a computer that is connected to the computer in reception. The basement has ample storage space which is currently used to store dog and cat food.

The practice has four surgical packs, a pack for orthopedic work, a gas anesthetic, autoclave, I/V stand, a centrifuge, and two refrigerators for vaccines and antibiotic storage.

The real estate itself is worth about $200k. Financing is available to a qualified buyer.

Please contact Dr. Dass at his cell phone 216-870-8397.


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