1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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Cleveland Zoo Auditorium
3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, Ohio, 44109

Topics will include:
• Behavioral implications of spay/neuter – The past decade has been one of discovery regarding the protective effects of waiting to spay and neuter on some body systems. Attendees will be presented with the facts supported by published research in this lecture.
• Early intervention. Recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders in puppies and kittens – Can you recognize abnormal behaviors in puppies and kittens? What is serious and what is not? Attendees will learn how to recognize abnormal behavior patterns and the early interventions which can help to slow the progression of emotional disorders in puppies and kittens.
• Early Intervention. – In this lecture attendees will learn in a case based format, how to recognize and treat abnormal behavior patterns in puppies and kittens.
• Treating dog-human aggression in the veterinary hospital – What do you say to the dog owner whose dog growls at her grandkids or bit a neighbor? Learn how to handle these tough situations in primary care.

Dr. Radosta is a board certified veterinary behaviorist and owner of Florida Veterinary Behavior Service since 2006. She lectures nationally and internationally for veterinarians, their staff and lay people. She has written book chapters for textbooks including Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat; Blackwell’s Five Minute Veterinary Consult and Canine and Feline
and Small Animal Pediatrics and is the coauthor of From Fearful to Fear Free. She has published scientific research articles and written review articles several publications. She podcasts and does webinars for VetGirl and Dog Nerds.


Bookings are closed for this event.